New PC? – Let us migrate your data over quickly and safely!

New PC Data MigrationWith the arrival of Windows 10 and previous operating systems becoming obsolete or unsupported, many people choose to purchase a new computer. The dilemma comes when migrating all those files from the existing PC to your shiny new one. Often we recommend that you re-install many of the existing programs and apps for various reasons, and we are almost always told “I don’t have the original disk”. Not to worry, we can help recover your license keys and re-install each program cleanly on the new computer, then migrate your old data across returning everything to normal.

Windows 10 the operating system now installs quicker using an ISO file which can be downloaded onto a cheap 8GB USB stick. This can be kept in a safe place after the install along with a text file of the license key for future use. Booting from a CD is old hat, and these days many slim laptops don’t have a CDrom any longer,